Expo on How to Make Rouse Hill Bushfire Safe.

Early in Term 3, Yr 5 researched about the history and growth in Rouse Hill. Students then had a visit for Rouse Hill RFS, where they spoke to students about their role in the community. RFS volunteers then went through the equipment volunteers use to fight fires, especially protective clothing, fire hoses and the fire truck. Students were given the opportunity to become a volunteer, by dressing up and using the powerful fire hoses that save homes and the surroundings.

Students gained a lot of information from this visit and were then put to work to design and create products that would help prevent, protect or restore communities before, during or after a bushfire. Their question was 'How can we prevent, protect and/or restore Rouse Hill from a catastrophic bushfire?'

Students have worked collaboratively in groups using a variety of media and technology to come up with some fantastic ideas they can share with the RFS to help with bishfire safety. Yr 5 Bushfire Safety expo will be held on Wednesday 20th September. We will have two sessions for students to present their ideas. First session will be from 9.30-11am and second session will be 2-3pm. We are looking forward to the OLA community coming to visit so Yr 5 can teach them about fire safety. 

We will also be sharing these ideas on the website after the expo.