Year 5 on a Coding Mission

Yr 5 were surprised with an incursion about coding! We learnt about the basics of coding and created a simple, 'Flappy Bird' style game. We learnt how to make the characters move, how to control them and how to create multiple levels.


Code Camp World provided the tutorial for the day and they were very friendly to us and told us tips and tricks which we could access at home to play around with. This hour and a half was all about coding and technology which gave us a big chunk of knowledge to take on in the future. We had so much fun and it certainly kick-started our day. We got to add coins, choose our own characters from a vast selection of weird, wild and wacky choices. We made different kinds of levels, mechanics and behind all of this was the learning and striving to code it right and nail the game to bring it to its fullest potential. We were all disappointed when it had finished until we were told we could work on it at home and continue to make, code and have fun with all our games!

We all thank the teachers very much for this exciting incursion and we hope it will happen again soon!


Patrick, Marcus and Christian working on their game.