Back to the 1800s in Year 5

Wow! Who knew that you could learn so much about the people in the 1800’s in just one day!

This year, Year 5 on Monday, 4th of February 2019, we had a day of experiencing being a convict or free settler by dressing up as the people did in the olden days. We also got to have rations for the day which were two biscuits and a small bottle of water.

We first went into our breakout space, where we got really squished up and sprayed with water to represent the boat convicts and free settler took to arrive in Australia. Also, it represented the water that may have come through the cracks of the boat.

Then, we explored some images from the Industrial Revolution, famous people of the 1800s and see some artifacts that might have been used by people in the olden days, like damper and a gold pan.

After touring our museum, we were set the task to write a letter to be pardoned of our crime so we could become a free settler.

In the afternoon, we played marbles, had sack races and played knuckles to experience what children in the olden days played at school, at home and on the goldfields.

We all enjoyed Colonial Day and we all hope that Year 5 next year will enjoy it as much as we did.

Some girls in clothing to represent the 1800s.


Jayden, Jonathon, Aidan and Timothy playing knuckles.