Year 6 Leadership Day

Leadership day 2019 was all about relationship building challenges, improving leadership skills, learning how to work as a team and learning important information such as:

“All leaders don't wear badges, anyone can be a leader no matter who you are or how old you are, and leaders create more leaders not more followers.”

Our year six classes had an awesome time participating in interesting activities. Some of the activities we participated in were:

  • A water moving exercise where you had to scoop up with your bare hands and pass it down a line of people into another bucket.
  • A balloon tower task where we had to cooperate to make the largest tower possible.
  • Design puzzle pieces to show we are all part of one community.
  • Working together to move a ball only using string. (Patrick leach 6W)

Last Tuesday Year Six was lucky enough to have participated in a Leadership Day, where we spent the whole day learning about leadership. The teachers were kind enough to let us wear mufti and treat us a devilicious pizza lunch. We all did different kinds of activities during the day and finished off with a different type of reflection in our small groups. The activities were based on leadership, trust and teamwork. Thank you to all the teachers who helped out. (Mia-Bella Trifiro 6W)

On Tuesday 12th of February, Year Six had their Leadership Day. Leadership Day is about learning to have the qualities of a leader and to work cooperatively. There were five activities; the balloon tower building with Mrs La Rocca, the blindfold course with Mr Cauchi teaching us to trust one another, the water passing activity with Mrs Byrne teaching us to work as a team and problem solve, the spider web and cup building challenge with Miss Digwood, the puzzle piece activity with Mr Lee and the reflection at the end of the day. All of the activities required teamwork, collaboration and cooperation. We all had a lot of fun. (Zac Nicholls 6G)

When Yr 6 had our leadership day, we learned that to be a good leader, you have to have some special qualities. Some include communication, trust and teamwork. The most common quality was communication because we had to use it to tell each other what we should do. Trust is when you have to be able to rely on someone to tell you things, like to activity we did when we were blindfolded and had to trust someone to tell us what to do. Teamwork is when you have to work as a group to accomplish something. Leadership day was a great experience and learning opportunity of Yr 6!

Year 6 Leadership Day