All school uniform items are available for purchase from the school at selected times, as announced. We constantly encourage the students to be neat and tidy in their personal appearance and to wear the correct school uniform at all times. There is a specific uniform for summer, for winter and for sports day. You can support us in our efforts by making sure your child is dressed appropriately each day.

Girls Summer Uniform Boys Summer Uniform
  • Aqua and white check dress
  • White ankle socks
  • Black shoes
  • White short sleeve shirt
  • Navy shorts
  • Navy ankle socks
  • Black shoes
Girls Winter Uniform Boys Winter Uniform
  • Aqua tartan tunic and tie
  • White long sleeve shirt
  • Navy tights/knee high navy socks
  • School woollen jumper
  • Bomber jacket
  • White long sleeve shirt
  • Navy trousers
  • School tie
  • Navy ankle socks
  • School woollen jumper
  • Bomber jacket
Sports Uniform
  • Sports Polo shirts
  • Sports shorts
  • White socks
  • Sports shoes / joggers
  • School track suit


School Hat

In these times when we are constantly being reminded of the dangers of skin cancer, it is important that parents and children regard the hat as a necessary part of the school uniform. Students must bring their hat to school every day, as there is a school rule that says:

‘No hat, no play’.


Please ensure that all personal belongings and items of clothing are labelled - hats, jumpers, both parts of tracksuit, drink bottles, lunch boxes (lid too), school bags etc. Check regularly to make sure that the label is still legible, as after a few washes the writing often fades. Items that are unmarked are placed in Lost Property. At the end of each term they are placed in Goodwill bins. We ask that any items not belonging to your child that come home, are returned to school.

Neatness and Tidiness

Paying attention to one’s appearance and personal cleanliness from an early age encourages students to take pride in the way they present themselves, not only at school, but at all times. Hair should be of reasonable length and hairstyles be appropriate for students of primary school age. Girls should have their hair pinned back or tied in plaits or a ponytail. Ribbons and headbands are to be in the school colours or those provided. In the interest of safety, stud earrings only are permitted.