Exceptional Educators

Our Lady of the Angels is privileged to have a dedicated staff providing the best possible education for the students in their care.

Our Lady of the Angels seeks to hire only highly qualified and professional teacher. All teachers participate in professional development, remaining up-to-date with the most effective learning and teaching practices. The school is supported by specialist teachers provided by Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese Diocese on a needs basis.

If you wish to contact a member of staff please contact the Our Lady of the Angels school office weekdays on 8808 7300 between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm or send an email to the school office.

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Our exceptional educators

Parish Priest Father Carlos and Father Omar
Parish Phone No: 8888 4063


Principal Mr Tony Calabria
Assistant Principal Mr Stephen Cauchi
Religious Education Coordinator Mrs Katrina Byrne
Literacy Coordinator Mrs Lisa Hurst
Learning Technology Coordinator Miss Pina Grima
Stage 3 Coordinator Mrs Rebecca Cordukes


KB Mrs Carmen Savoia
KG Mrs Samantha Grunsell
KW Mrs Abby Buckley (Monday, Tuesday Wednesday)/Mrs Kimberly Robertson (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
1B Mrs Nibal Younes
1G Mrs Leanne Vella
1W Mrs Nicole Hodgess
2B Mrs Cherie Lopresti
2G Mrs Frances Eisenhuth
2W Mrs Nicole Arayon
3B Miss Kimberley Marchant
3G Mr Joshua Vella
3W Miss Madison Hogan
4B Miss Pina Grima/Mrs Rita Borg (Thursday)
4G Miss Zoe Brown
4W Miss Emily Digwood
5B Mrs Jacqueline Cheadle
5G Mrs Jennifer Dela Cruz
5W Mrs Katrina Byrne/Miss Kristina Jurcevic (Thursday and Friday)
6B Mr Luke Campbell
6G Mrs Samantha Vella
6W Mrs Vesna Jurcevic
Learning Support Mrs Rebecca Cordukes
RFF (3 DAYS) Mrs Samantha Zivic (Music)
Mrs Michelina Micallef (Italian)
Mrs Lyndelle Batten  (Physical Education)
Learning Support

Mrs Terina Macare
Mrs Sarah McBrien


Counsellor Miss Ekua Nkrumah
Reading Recovery Mrs Clare Crozier
Mrs Lisa Hurst
EMU Specialist Mrs Nicole Hodgess
Mrs Jacqueline Cheadle
Student Support

Mrs Jacinta Aspinall
Mrs Narelle Boatfield 

Library Mrs Sara Wagner
Secretary Mrs Helen Goldsworthy
Office Assistant Mrs Tracy Hunt
Mrs Johanne Hall
Mrs Leanne Eisenhuth
Grounds Person Mr Robert Borg