Vision & Mission

Students in the 21st century require an education that builds strong foundations in problem solving, thinking skills and working cooperatively.

Our school aims to provide a developmental curriculum that engages students in exciting learning experiences that reflect the particular needs, interests and strengths of the individual. It strives to provide flexible stage teaching in shared learning spaces, where students are challenged to move from ‘good to better’ in everything they do.

We believe that, as educators, we have the responsibility to nurture within the students in our care, a love of learning and to develop a sense of being lifelong learners. Each of the students at Our Lady of the Angels School has the right to:

  • a balanced educational program that fosters his or her emotional, social, spiritual, physical and academic development
  • a learning environment that is non-threatening. Where risk taking is encouraged, where success is celebrated and where failures are recognised as opportunities for learning and building resilience.
  • be respected, and has the responsibility to respect others and their property
  • the opportunity to direct his or her own learning, with emphasis on individual learning styles