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Catholic students together apart during LIFTED week

In late February, Catholic Youth Parramatta (CYP) hosted their regular LIFTED sessions online, featuring music, prayer, reflection and action for primary school students, Year 12 leaders, young adults and Faith in Action Team (FIAT) teachers across the Diocese of Parramatta. FIAT teachers work together to offer additional opportunities for faith formation to students within their school community. Read more...

Year 5 on a Coding Mission

Students in Year 5 learn how to make their own computer games



STEM is more than just a stem at OLA.

Expo of How to Make Rouse Hill Bushfire Safe.

Expo of how to make Rouse Hill bushfire safe. Year 5 have been learning about the changes in the geography of Rouse Hill. Rouse Hill is surrounded by bush and with Summer around the corner, it is important for residents to prepare for a bushfire to keep their home and family safe. Read more.