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Year 6 Leadership Day

Students in Year 6 participated in a Leadership Day to build relationships and improve leadership skills.

Back to the 1800s in Year 5

Students in Year 5 were travelled back in time to experience the 1800s as part of their 'Entry Event' for their History unit, Australian Colonies.

Mad Scientists Go Crazy over their Science Experiments in Year 5

Students in Year 5 were 'Mad Scientists' for the day as part of their PBL 'Entry Event' for their new Science Unit.

OLA Year 6 students go 'Out of this World'

Students in Year 6 visit the Sydney Observatory to build their knowledge about our Solar System.

Kindergarten Orientation for 2018

EIghty-eight new 2018 Kindergarten students visited Our Lady of the Angels as part of their Orientation to 'Big School'.


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