Other Programs

Our Catholic education programs provide quality learning and teaching by recognising that each child can and will learn

At Our Lady of the Angels the focus is on supporting students to enhance their learning opportunities.


Our Lady of the Angels establishes close relationships with a number of Catholic secondary schools in the area, and we endeavour to provide a smooth transition for our students from primary to secondary school.

Learning Support (Special Education) Program

All schools in the Parramatta diocese have Learning Support teachers. The allocation of these teachers is based on the size of the school and the needs within each particular school. The Learning Support teacher works with the whole school community, including parents, to provide consultation, assessment, planning and referral services for students with a variety of learning and special needs.

Learning Support teachers work in a number of different ways such as:

  • individualised/small group instruction to students
  • consulting with and supporting class teachers with curriculum differentiation
  • coordinating the Individual Planning process and
  • liaising with the Catholic Education Office in areas such as assessment and funding
  • applications

A key part of the education program is to establish a Personalised Plan for students. Personalised Plans (PPs) are the written outcome of a planning process required for all students with diagnosed disabilities. The plans involve parents/caregivers, teachers, special education teachers and other support personnel, in setting goals for the students for the school year. These goals focus on areas that need development. Personalised Plans may focus on curriculum, personal care, safety and health, transition and/or behaviour.

School Language Program

This provides an opportunity for students in primary schools to engage in the language and culture of another country. At Our Lady of the Angels, the students have Italian once a week for approximately forty minutes. This will be part of the HSIE curriculum component.

Special Programs

Throughout this year, students will have access to special programs that support the curriculum. These are:

Term 1: Dance
Term 3: Gymnastics


The small cost is incurred for these special programs and is are included with each term’s fees. The Swimming Program, however, is a separate cost and determined year by year.