Physical Education

All students are expected to participate in the school’s Physical Education Program and Sports Carnivals.

It includes sporting activities on the day designated for each class, as well as the daily fitness program each week. Parents are informed at the beginning of the year what days the students will be required to wear their sports uniform to school.

Our Sport and PDHPE programs provide students with a wide range of experiences and opportunities that engage and develop a sense of pride in their physical achievements, involvement in their own health management and a love for physical activities. At OLA we have a specialised PE teacher who works with each class every week.

We respond to the growing physical needs of the student through a comprehensive curriculum that keeps their sporting experience connected with Catholic faith while focusing on:

  • individual agility development
  • physical games in the early years leading to competitive sport opportunities as they develop
  • learning opportunities to develop knowledge, processes, skills and attitudes to make informed decisions about their health and body
  • encouraging students to act in appropriate ways to enhance health and wellbeing.

Students also participate in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletic carnivals.

The Parramatta Diocese Catholic Primary School Sports Council (PDCPSSC) is responsible for the provision of opportunities for primary students from eight years of age in the current year to participate in representative teams in a range of sports. All primary students from 8 - 13 years of age are eligible to participate and represent in their school and diocese in the sports of Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country.

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