Year 1 travels back in time

In History, Year One are learning about what life was like in the past. This term all children in Year One participated in a History Day. Throughout the day children played a range of games and were brought back to the past by dressing up in olden day clothes and walking into an olden day classroom set up in rows.

Throughout the morning students played quoits, skittles and jacks. Students had turns on elastics, playing hopscotch, and relays. We also challenged ourselves as we tried our best to make the disappearing knot and the Eiffel Tower on a cat’s cradle.

When the students returned back to the classroom they learnt about the differences in the layout of the classroom. Students participated in an arithmetic lesson, handwriting lesson and composed a recount about their day.

Year One had a great time exploring the history of games and what life was like in the past. We would like to thank all the parents and grandparents, who have given up their time to make a special learning experience for the children in Year One.


Year 1 sitting in rows like the olden days